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An Egress opening is designed to be large enough for a firefighter to climb in or a person to climb out of in an emergency. US building codes require each bedroom of a home to have an emergency exit window, with minimum sizes specified.

Installing an egress opening is not a job for your handyman; it is for an expert in the field who knows what to do and how to do it. LI. Egress Pro’s are experienced, licensed, and insured.

Get up to code

Get up to code by meeting the requirements for window size and height.

More natural light

Before Egress windows, most basements have little access to natural light. An egress window can allow much more light into this space. This, in turn, can save you in power bills during the day and will make the entire feel of your basement change. Many of our clients state that they feel like they are on any other floor of the home. The light changes the entire feel of your home.


Over 6,000 Americans die in fires annually, which should be a significant cause for concern for any homeowner or basement living tenants. By adding an egress window, you will be protecting your family by ensuring they can get out in case of a fire or any other emergency.

Property Value

Homeowners are always looking for additional features before buying. New home buyers often seek egress windows and require by code. Homes with egress windows have a higher value, according to the National Association of RealtorsĀ® (NAR). Egress Windows make your square footage value increase too. More livable square footage equals more value. Check read our article, Man In Critical Condition After Major Nassau House Fire, for additional information on Egress Windows.




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