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Questions & ANswers

What is Egress Code?

The height of the clear opening must be at least 24″ and the width must be at least 20″. The sill height must not be more than 44″ above the floor. If the sill height is below grade, the window must have a window well. If required, the window well must be at least 9 sq. Must include an escape ladder and a weight bearing grate.

What About Security?

Simply closing and locking your egress window(s) provides an excellent deterrent to burglars, but you may still wish to implement additional safety measures such as a house or a glass alarm.  Statistics show most home break ins occur in the master bedroom. 

Will The Well Fill With Water?

Every window system Egress Pros installs comes with a 20-gallon dry well to protect from ground water. A clear polycarbonate cover to limit the amount of rain, snow, and leaves that get into the well.  The egress window system will mimic whatever the situation is in the basement,. On occasion we do install sump pumps.

How Many Days Does it Take to Install an Egress Window System?

Egress Pros will arrive at your home in the morning to set up a protective internal “bubble” to ensure your home is left how we found it. We never use heavy equipment! The team will hand dig and in one day no mess no stress you will have a beautiful safe code compliant egress window system.

Do I Need a Permit?

If you are filing for a permit Egress Pros will assist you in the permit process.

I Read That I Only Need an Egress if my Basement Has a Bedroom.

Any inhabitable space ( gym, den, office)  in your basement requires two forms of egress.

Is a "Bilco" Considered Egress?

No, a Bilco system does not qualify as a form of egress. Typically, these units are locked from the inside and typically are located in storage areas of a home. A walkout will serve as a form of egress. At Egress Pros we have transformed many Bilco / basement entries into walkouts or egress window systems.

Can an Egress Window be Installed in Front of The House?

Absolutely and in many cases, we recommend it. Typically front of house installs are in a flower garden or an area with no foot traffic. Out of sight out of mind.

Can You Install if I Have a Waste Line Running Along The Basement Wall?

We are the Pros.  Waste lines maybe be an issue for a part-time egress company not at Egress Pros as a direct window importer we have created window sizes and designs to be within Federal Egress Code yet fit above/ below your waste line.

How Much is an Egress Window System?

Egress Window systems range from $5,000 to $10,000. We have systems for almost every budget. Financing is available, subject to credit approval. The question is what it will cost not to have an egress window system in the event of an emergency.