Long Island Egress Pros: Egress Window A Window to Safer Living

Long Island Egress Pros is a family owned and-operated business that serves as the area’s premier supplier, manufacturer and installer of code-compliant egress window systems and accessories.

For nearly 10 years, they’ve been providing families with comfortable, safe, below-ground living space. We spoke with Randy Goldbaum of LI Egress Pros about the many reasons to get egress and why you should trust the pros.

What is egress, and what makes it a valuable home addition?

An egress window looks like a typical window you would find on the main floor of a home with a few important differences. An egress window will open fully (net clearing of 821 sq. in.) to allow a person or persons to escape in the event of an emergency. The window can also serve as an entry point for first responders. An egress window is designed for speed and ease when opening (no cumbersome crank handles). Egress windows offer screen options to ensure a quick exit (pull-up, push-out). An egress window installed to code and in the finished area of the basement will ensure that the basement is considered legal living space, which adds to the square footage of your home, therefore increasing the value.

Why should an egress window be installed by a specialist and not by your everyday handyman?

To ensure the safety of your family, proper functionality and that the window system meets code, only a company specializing in egress installation should install your window system. At LI Egress Pros , all we do is egress. Our install teams are trained on how to properly cut the foundation, install the window at the correct height and securely attached the well system to the home. A great analogy: A person wouldn’t go to a general practitioner for an eye exam. You’d go to an ophthalmologist as they specialize in eye care.

What does the process of installing an egress window look like?

At LI Egress Pros, we install in one day. Our team arrives on site in the morning and will hand dig the hole down to sand. Hand digging ensures a safe, neat dig. We need access to the home through the front door once, so we can set up a protective bubble in the area we are working in to ensure your home is kept neat and clean. Once the bubble is set and the hole is dug, we begin cutting the location for the window. The area is waterproofed prior to installing the window or well. We install a 20-gallon dry well with every egress system. The exterior area is waterproofed and scratch-coated. We back fill with bluestone gravel. Typically, our team completes the install by 3 or 4 p.m. same day.

How many egress varieties do you offer; how does one choose?

At LI Egress Pros, we offer a wide selection of well designs and window choices. With regards to egress kits, we stock six different types of wells, not including custom-made mason wells — galvanized steel well, fiberglass and vinyl wells. With regards to egress windows, we offer 10 different window types. In-swing casement, tilt and in-swing, slider and single-hung egress windows. We made picking your egress system easy — almost like car shopping, we have a base unit which we call “Express Egress.” This unit meets code and will keep your family safe. Many homeowners want bigger windows or fancier wells. Homeowners should consider budget, available space (both interior and exterior) and what the living space is used for.

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