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Long Island Egress Pros is a family owned and-operated business that serves as the area’s premier supplier, manufacturer and installer of code-compliant egress window systems and accessories.

Egress windows have become an essential feature of residential homes and commercial buildings throughout the country as their importance is becoming more apparent to property owners. Egress Window Systems are being heavily pushed by governments and endorsed by fire safety professionals everywhere.

Egress windows look like a large window in your basement, but unlike others found commonly in your home, egress windows open up quickly and thoroughly. Crank-out casements, commonly found in basements, are simply not as efficient or as effective as a proper Egress Window System. Besides taking precious time to open, it is also complicated for a young or older person to open. Egress windows, however, are proven to be able to save lives and provide basements with a variety of enhancements.

Randy Goldbaum of Long Island Egress Pros, located in West Babylon, states that only an expert on egress windows should be taking on the task of installing an Egress Window System in your home. It is not only residential homes that can see the benefits in having an Egress Window System installed, but commercial buildings such as hospitals, schools, government offices, or any building with a basement or a room that offers a limited means of escape. Anyone who is in the process of renovating or building a new home or establishment should be conscientious about installing an Egress Window System.

Visiting Bayport Fire Department, Randy Goldbaum oversaw the quick and easy installation of an egress window in the new game room constructed for first responders within the department’s basement.

“As firefighters, they understand that nothing is more important than the safety of your family and our first responders. That’s why an Egress Window System is so important to put into your home. It guarantees you a second way out; it guarantees our first responders a way in; God forbid there’s an emergency.”

Egress windows are stylish and provide benefits outside of their main purpose as a means of escape in emergencies. With egress windows, more natural light and fresh air can be brought to basements everywhere. Egress windows can be the difference between a successful rescue and a tragedy when dealing with emergency situations where no other exit is possible. Not to mention, Egress Window Systems increases the value of your home!

“The fire department recognizes that this is all we do at Long Island Egress Pros,” continued Goldbaum. “So call today; we install in one day.”

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