Custom Covers & Crates

At Egress Pros we have you “covered”.  Building code requires egress wells to be covered with a weight bearing cover for safety purposes. We can design and build a cover for your existing egress well and your small basement mini wells also. 


One of our Pros will with you to review your existing egress well or mini wells and determine the best product for your cover needs. We will provide an estimate and upon approval will send one of our Pros to verify measurements and your cover will be fabricated. Once completed our trained technicians will return to your home to install your new custom covers.


We offer a variety of options for your custom cover needs to accommodate any size or style well, aesthetic preferences, and budget. We use only the highest quality materials to build these covers in our facility right here on Long Island. 

Egress Pros specializes in providing high-quality covers

They are engineered to prevent individuals and pets from accidentally falling in, while also effectively protecting against weather-related elements like rain, snow, or dirt. The covers are both durable and breathable, allowing air to circulate while permitting some natural light to enter. Their attractive appearance is designed to blend seamlessly with your property’s outdoor aesthetic. These products adhere to the highest safety standards, enhance your home’s overall appearance, and provide an effective solution for safeguarding against accidental falls.