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Household fires are tough situations for anyone to experience. However, with the right tools, your family and loved ones can be better protected in the event of an emergency.

For firefighters, basement fires are particularly hard to deal with. This is especially true when small basement windows are involved, making it extra difficult to conduct a rescue.

Basement fires can occur for a variety of reasons and in an emergency, time is of the essence. There is little time to act when fires rage, and this is especially true in isolated areas, such as basements. Families must have a robust fire safety plan, especially for their basement, which must include an unobstructed means of escape in case of an emergency.

New York State egress code requires that each room in a finished basement have two points of egress to protect yourself, loved ones, and our first responders.

Egress Window Systems from Long Island Egress Pros are installed to Federal and NYS codes. A code compliant egress opening ensures that your family members can exit the window system safely while first responders can easily climb inside for a rescue or to extinguish a fire.

In addition to adding invaluable safety measures to your home, Egress Window Systems also provide your basement with many other benefits.

Through the use of an Egress Window System , your basement can become a legal living space and you can add much-needed natural light and fresh air to your home, both of which increase the property value of your home or business.

At Long Island Egress Pros our sales team, customer service and installers are all trained on code and install processes. Egress Pros’ code compliant Egress Window Systems are installed in one day. No stress, no mess. Our team is always available to answer any of your questions.

When trusted professionals such as the team at Long Island Egress Pros are on the job, your family can rest easy.

New York State Code Requirements

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